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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Aw, cheese. I can't remember whether it was the 27th or the 28th...oh, never mind; I see it on my "Change Time & Date-" type-thing; thank goodness for that!
So, the London attacks just scared me [Yes, this was filler since the 2nd to 3rd week of this month.]. However, I would still use the bus; I actually got 3.5 reasons for this...

  • One: The attacker isn't alive anymore.
  • Two: The attacker was trying to stop people to use certain things in public life.
  • Three: If he was still alive, it would only be possible for him to attack other trains. Also...
  • 3.5: Wouldn't he attack something else, anyway?

So, recently, I have joined this group blog. Here's the link: here[Ah, when I did that all the time.]! It's called PICKLES AND SPOONS. I started this with a friend of mine called Jack "Sychon;" this guy actually appeared in my Canada Day Film. He was actually a Canadian!
Anyway, I am almost done with the film I am working on.
Right, I have to go.
-Eben "Frostey"
Bad Brand Name of the Moment:
Totally Dinosaurs®

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My flag!

I just recently been obsessed with foreign flags. Hence, I just made my own flag for my webpage.
The 6 checkers represent the 6 sections of my webpage. The white represents peace (none of my films are violent, and they never will be). The "F" on the cat's forehead stands for my nickname. The blue represents technology, cleanliness and, er...more peace. The gray represents intelligence. The cat head represents independence.

So, anyway, I just recently realized that at least one time a week, I find out that another country has been bombed; it happened to Cairo, London, Baghdad (every day), Turkey, Alabama, Kashmir, New York, Isræl — and I don't want to mention anything more, thank you. It really makes me sad. Why Asia? Why Europe? Why the World? Every day, I had the idea of holding up the flag of the world. I liked this idea, but I never tried it. I should, I suppose. Maybe I could put many flags on the wall of our front porch.

-Eben "Frostey"

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Arg! This is my Thiftey-toof post!

Yeps, ja, yes, oui, yesp, si etc. I forgot to celebrate my 50th post. Uff då! Oh well!
So, recently I have been getting a feeling of Uff då...I mean Déjà vu (I think I recall making this mistake before on my blog before before before before-whopps! There I go again!). Come to think of it, Déjà vu is a kind of Uff då.

So, just recently, William, the person who made up the "mmm...donots..." joke, argued with me about the Dutch and the Nederlanders (both the same people). I said that the Dutch (I hate saying that word!) should be called the Netherlanders, because the word, "Dutch," has nothing to do with The Netherlands.
William said that the Dutch (Nederlanders, or Germans?) should be called what they are in English because, "this is English, not Norwegian! [He thinks every thing I say is in Norwegian]"
At some point, Will said, "Oh, well, the Dutch should be called the Nederlanders, just like the Chinese should be called Chinalanders!"

Anyway, a new flash film will be on it's way, but while that, I got the 2nd episode of Noids™!(link) Enjoy!

-Eben "Frostey"

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Cat That Winked

Hellohellohellohellohellohellomysisterisannoyingme...oh darnot! Thoses guys gave me a caffinated coffee-ee-eee-ee-ee-ee-ee[-ee-ee-e-e--=de--e-e-ee--df-kxzzzzzzzzzz zzññññññññññzzzzz6tr87swƶ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ¶®®®¥¥²²ßßßß!!!ìììììĈĈĈ....... Oh's! There's is's the's caffination's.
AñeewÆ-ahem-anyways, once, when I was walking home, I saw this cat wink at me. This actually happened two times. It seems that he, she, or it was trying to give me some kind of message, such as...
  • "Good luck with the end of the world!"
  • "I'm so glad you made it so far!"
  • "Good luck, idiot. [Refeering to another person]"

So, I have one new Flash Video: The first episode of Noids™!
See you! Farvell!
-Eben "Frostey""

Saturday, July 02, 2005

3rd Post This Week?!

Hallo, Sandre - or whatever your name is, then. Happy Canada Day, Canadians! RE-WATCH THE CANADA DAY CARTOON!
So, anyway, I am in New York City right now after I had breakfast an unflavored, but tasty, Latté. Last night I got to see the SPAMalot®, which was a brilliant preformance!
Now, for some reason, my favorite Latin letter (that includes the English alphabet, thank you very much) is Thorn ( þ ). I do not see why we do not use it to replace the "TH" sound; we use the sound so much, eh? However, my least favourite Latin letter, is Kra (ĸ), beacause it looks too much like the letter, K.
-Eben "Frostey"