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Monday, September 03, 2007

Livin' in 'Frisco: Post #1.

Dear blog,
After realizing 2 million times that my computer can only get Wireless access in places where radio stations start with "W," I'm at a café called "Happy Donuts," using a special ethernet cable to connect to the internet. Phew!
Now that I'm using the internet, I'm getting to IM my old friends, where it's almost supper time (it's 1:49 here, dangit). Also, I'm usin' YouTube, drinkin' my decaf Café Vienna, and of course, posting on my blog.
How am I likin' Cali, anywaze? Well, I'm liking it, but I'm having a verrrry slow emotional recovery from leaving my friends. This makes me very thankful of being on IM.
Had a very stressful week last week: School started earlier, I was very depressed, the math teacher was homework-crazy, had no house, I had trouble getting along with dad, and of course, I was missing Mass.
I am very happy now, though I am @ LEAST nostalgic and a tiny bit stressed. I started being a Red Sox fan ever since I heard about leaving Massachusetts. I'm enjoying myself here; however, that doesn't stop me from being a proud Bostonian. I am glad I achieved many goals in Boston: getting a summer job, going to cheers, starting my website, having a spectacular 15th birthday party, getting a Wii, making several friends, etc.
Even though I achieved some wonderful goals in Mass, there's some I wish I did: spend one last time with my semi-girlfriend Julia, meet Elin one last time, go to a film festival, etc.
At the moment, I am getting along better with my father, whom I used to have some wierd grudge against. I'm glad I got to have a pleasant birthday last weekend in Santa Cruz. We are getting very close to getting our house back -- in fact, the people renting it moved out; not only that, but our movers are putting the stuff in the house RITE NOW! I've been sad alot, but I have a wonderful revival every time.
Hm. I feel like posting the first two pieces of art I've made and published here in California:
1st one is a comic strip: Javol #13. It reflects my visit in the Board Walk, Santa Cruz during my birthday on the 25th:

Also, I'd like to post another thing inspired from what I found in Santa Cruz at a cute Sci-Fi restaurant called the Saturn Café:

Anyways, I think that's good enough for my first blogpost. Cya in a while!

-Eben "S&D Frosté"

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  • Cool Eben! I know exactly where you are! I was in that cafe just a few months ago.

    By Anonymous Mike Murray, at 8:21 PM  

  • Hi Eban! Debbie showed me your blog. I am glad that you found out you were a robot. Confusing, huh? Good luck with your math homework!! You are a great writer. --Crista

    By Anonymous crista cavicchio, at 7:56 PM  

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