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Monday, August 06, 2007

NEYM 2007: Swimming

This week, I'm staying @ Bryant College in R.I. for New England Yearly (Quaker) Meeting 2006. I'm having quite a good time so far. It just begun!
There's many good things for me already. I finally had a Bryant College golf cart ride. I've been giving away plush toys to nice people. Also I've gotten to meet some of my old friends. The list goes on. Mmmm... I like the rain I see outside alot! :3
But anyways, I'm grumpy @ the moment, since I went to the swimming pool and learned that Pool Basketball is a violent sport... again. You see, I tend to actually want to play it, but I always forget that someone pinches me, slaps me, or bounces the ball on my head every single $#&@ time.
When the ball bounced off my head, I got extremely grumpy and stomped out of the pool. I got dressed, and then told the pool guard that some dude "hit me on the head with a ball." The pool guard explained to me that it wasn't their fault and that Pool Basketball is a very violent sport. I could do nothing but realize she was right.
I decided to watch T.V. outside the pool until I'd feel better. And when I mean "feel better," I don't mean "yey, i'm happy." What I really mean is, "awgh, who cares? This show sucks! I'm gonna go do something else!" *stomp stomp stomp. turns off TV. stomp stomp stomp.*
Well, now that I've written this blog post, I feel alot better. Yes.
I feel like posting my semi-latest cartoon, GHEG.

Well, CYA! I've gotta go to program.
-Eben "Singin' & Dancin' Frostey"

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