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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Nazdar*, you guys, NAZDAR*!!

Anyway, I turned 15--gah, I mean 14 yesterday on August the 25th. Biked to Sychon's, did some improv and played the video game Tales of Symphonia, which had way too many cut scenes. Right now I have an Alaskan guy at my house named Gunnar. I also got this awesome free Ping-Pong table!

Anyway, I just at the start of the day, me and my family went to a crummy potluck brlunch at Cambridge Meeting, which didn't turn out so well. Afterwards, we went to a cute mall, bought some clothes, failed to go to Pinochio's.
When I got home, I played some ping pong with my new table in the garage during a rainstorm. Afterwards, I had to read a bunch of my DU-PRESSING summer reading book. Augh, I was DU-PRESSED like it was a school day of a 13-year-old. To get cheered up, we found and watched some string of Spainish language television comedies on Univisión such as Cero Del Conducta (sp?).
Wow, I already got done two things on my Birthday list-- watching a foreign language comedy and getting a Ping-Pong table! There's other things there, like riding on a golf cart and having my very own spearmint gum for myself!

-Eben "F'osté" the 14-year-old

*Nazdar= Czech for Hello.


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