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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ontario (Not Canada!)

Bonĵour! I am in Ontario, New York. It's my cousin Diane's house in an exurb.
You know what? I remember the Shaq Paq @ Burger King before I was vegetarian, and suddenly, who cares aboot Shaq O'Neil in Boston or N.Y. when he's from Florida? Who cares if he's a really good basquetball player -- actually, come to think, that's a preety good excuse. Nevermind. :P

Well, you are probably wanting to know what my expirience in Ontario (not Canada) is. Well, thére's good food (mmm...Chex Mix!) , I'm getting enough time to make my cartoons and to show them, and we are going to enlightening museums! Yeh, I like it alot. But I am going to leave now for a nice basquet ball game! Er, actually, I just want to stop wryting ryght now.

By the way, just incase you didn't know, I have 2 new, short cartoons: here and here. Another one coming up!

-Eben-ezer "Frosté"


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