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Friday, January 06, 2006

Bonne Année... BIG DEAL! =-Þ

Bonjour. Je suis ne pas dans Suisse, mais je se servur de le chose. (Hallo, I'm not in Switzerland anymore, but I used to be.) How's my Français, si'l vous plaît?
So anyway, I was in Lausanne, Switzerland, with no internet access! Pardon pour ça. (Interesting... I'm still used to speaking Français-- I mean French.) Eh, oh well. I had a good time. Well, where else can you:
  • Turn in 5.--- CH₣ and get back 20€¢?
  • Find out that what we call La fromage suisse (Swiss Cheese) is actually Norsk Jarlsberg? (Norwegian Jarlsberg)
  • Realize that trains are much better than æroplanes?
  • Have bloddy good skiïng?
  • Have bloddy good chocolat and crossaints?
  • Find out that Switzerland has a surprisingly strict law?
  • Have trouble getting a Café au lait, but still getting bloddy good Café?
  • Find out that the Swiss don't use their Franc Sign (₣), but still have the currency (Fr.)?
  • See beutiful scenery?
  • Find out that Switzerland (or at least the French-speaking territory) is warmer and has better weather (still has snow, of course) than Massachusetts?

Well, I did all of those. =-3 In fact, I pretty much miss Switzerland! Oh well. Kapüt. I might go to Montréal for more French practice and skiïng, anyway; but there's still no glamourus chocolat in Canada, I don't think. =-Є

So, darnot, it's the new year 2006 and it doesen't feel exciting. =-Þ However, for a new years treat, not only did I translate more cartoon films into French with my new skills, but I made two films. A new year's one: here, and a Noids 3: here. Also, I got a new section: fonts!

And now, for no reason, I shall type all the symbols on a Canadian French Keyboard: ¨^ÄäÂâÜüÛûÏïÎîÖöÔôËëÊêŜŝĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŴŵŸÿŶŷÉéÈèÇçÀà. Stranĝly enough, they forgot: ŒœÙù°«»

-Eben "Frosté"/ Ħōlĕbĭn


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