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Sunday, October 16, 2005

NOT Taipei Part 3!

Augh, copying that written journal entry was pain. Next time, I'll write my travel-journals on my laptop, so I could just copy and paste them. Yes, it's good to use my laptop in travel by not only doing work on my webpage.
Somehow, someway today, I got SPAM (?) in French. Wowzers, that's the first time that happened to me! According to the translation, it's somthing aboot me buying product. Unfortunatly, all that Frenglish is still confusing. Agghts. I hate my confusable E-mail address.
Well, anywizzle, I have some cartoons films. Here, here and here. I'm working on a Halloweeen one now.
Well, Swi2 Zhien4!
-Eben "frostey"


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