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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My flag!

I just recently been obsessed with foreign flags. Hence, I just made my own flag for my webpage.
The 6 checkers represent the 6 sections of my webpage. The white represents peace (none of my films are violent, and they never will be). The "F" on the cat's forehead stands for my nickname. The blue represents technology, cleanliness and, er...more peace. The gray represents intelligence. The cat head represents independence.

So, anyway, I just recently realized that at least one time a week, I find out that another country has been bombed; it happened to Cairo, London, Baghdad (every day), Turkey, Alabama, Kashmir, New York, Isræl — and I don't want to mention anything more, thank you. It really makes me sad. Why Asia? Why Europe? Why the World? Every day, I had the idea of holding up the flag of the world. I liked this idea, but I never tried it. I should, I suppose. Maybe I could put many flags on the wall of our front porch.

-Eben "Frostey"


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