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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Compact Disks, Designs, and Memorial Day

Wow, it was raining like it does in Seattle every day!
So, I have found many things on the ground when I'm walking in the rain; broken AOL Compact Disks, abandoned Compact Disks, anilids, badly done pictures. This didn't only happen when there was that Noreaster. I have seen anilids out of the ground quite a few times while it was raining.
Anyway, I have been creating some designs. I have created some design for this friend of mine, and made a Birthday card for my whale-loving, Tibet-loving, poker-loving Mum.

Sometimes on holidays, whether it's Norway Day or Memorial Day, I don't feel safe for no good reason; usually it's because I have trouble picking presents, the holiday that the people are worshipping is incredibly religious*, or no reason at all. On Friday, I was scared about Memorial Day. It is important to my own country, but if there was no concept of war, then it wouldn't happen. Talking of Memorial Day, on Friday, we had to watch this performance about Memorial Day; one very silly thing that happened was that when this man was reading his script, "...And these soldiers, as shown behind me," it turned out that the picture of the soldiers was actually to his left. Go figure.

-Eben "Frostey"

*for some reason, I feel scared when I get into a religious situation.


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