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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


This following post was orignally written offline in a car at April 21, 2005 A.D., 6:51am:
Hallo, I'm in a car in Idaho, the state where Napoleon Dynomite was recorded. Gee, there might be a bunch of Napoleon Dynomite merchandice at the Idahoian cities. The making of that movie must have made Idaho more populaur...besides Idaho potatoes.

So, I've been reading alot of Star Wreak 7 in the car. I've been taking photoes in the car, too (don't worry, I am not the driver) ; however, it's been very hard to take pictures in the car, though.

So, for those U.S. of American Democrats who are going to Republican states:
  1. Don't wear Anti-Bush merchandice.
  2. Don't be so darn smug about your education.
  3. Do not do somthing that will make you look like you killed some one (they probobly serve the death penalty).
  4. Don't ask about a person's opinion about politics.
  5. Don't ask what political party they're in.
  6. Don't go crazy when the Republicans say their opinions about politics.
  7. Don't talk about politics.

As for Republicans going into Democrat states:

  1. Don't bring your hunting gear.
  2. Don't be so darn smug about your religon.
  3. Don't ask a person's opinions about politics.
  4. Don't ask what political party they're in.
  5. Don't go crazy when Democrats say their opinions about politics.
  6. Don't talk about politics.
  7. Don't wear Anti-Kerry mechandice.
  8. Don't complain about the uselessness of decaf coffee.
  9. If you favor war, don't talk about how you do.
  10. Don't brag all day how you hardly travel outside of your country.

So, that's it.

-Eben "Frostey"


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