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Friday, March 25, 2005

On Reproducing... at this Time.

(In Australian Accent) Whoop! Hallo! Noice tow saye yoo-oouw! How 'ya dowi'n then, Bruce........? (Usual Voice) Never mind, I guess I should stop acting this way, then. I think I should stop stereo-typing Austalians.

Anyway, when I was at the Bagel Place very close to my house, I read a news artcicle in the New York Times about not having alot of children in town.
In the arcticle, the writer wrote, "The problem is that the average American* mother doesn't produce enough children-per-year;" when I read that, I immedietly was mad at the writer for saying that and stopped reading the arcticle. I mean, I am not against reproducing,
but in my opinion, it's very silly to reproduce while there is an over population and more than 100,000 (uncounted) children are yet to be adopted.

-Eben "Frostey"

*Well, people from the United States of America; I didn't want to offend people from the America continents that wern't from the United States of America.


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