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Thursday, May 05, 2005


¡Buenas tardes! Como esta? ¡Felies Cinco De mayonnaise! Wait, hold on, I mean, ¡Felies Cinco De Mayo! Darnit.

I don't like to hurt members of the Animal Kingdom including humans like myself, but, unfortunately, I am very scared of small creatures; now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't help them out, but I would like to help them, but I usually don't know of any ways to help the small creature. I have encountered this problem a few times. One time was when I was walking home from school and saw a very small turtle.
The way he hid in his shell -after my shadow came crawling on him- was an aeroplane, alright (I was talking metaphorically!). When he was still walking, he was heading towards the road; I was very worried about this, but I didn't know what to do. So, I just left, but then I came back when I called mother on my cell phone, asking what to do if I see a turtle walking on the sidewalk. So, I came back and he wasn't there.
I hope that, I didn't step on him, he didn't get run over by a car, ect. ect.; however, I can check to see if he's on my shoe, though. *looks at bottom of shoe* Whew, he isn't on the bottom of my shoe; I still hope he's not dead yet.

Dedicated to that turtle that is, hopefully, not dead.

-Eben "Frostey"

"You will step on the soil of many

-My Fortune Cookie Fortune


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