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Monday, June 06, 2005

Attention People Who Have Been Spending too Much on Lattes!

So, wow. I finished all my homework...and read 50 pages of my Comic Fantasy 2 book.
So, I have read an article on how people have been suffering from buying too many money-eating Lattes. It read that people have been suffering because of the fact that they are thinking they could only buy them! That is not true. I know how to make Lattes without having to buy the real, expensive, thing! In fact, I'm drinking a non-commercial Latte right now.
Anyway, to cure the problem here's what to do to make the Latte.
  • milk/ soymilk/ whatever type of milk you use that is not chocolate
  • coffee mix
  • hot water
  • sweetener
  • flavored extract
  1. Get a mug and pour a half the mug with water (big, round mug is suggested).
  2. Pour the other half with milk.
  3. Put in sweetener, extract, coffee mix.
  4. Put much - but not all - of the the wet ingredients into a blender.
  5. Turn the blender on for 30 seconds approx.
  6. Pour the wet ingredients into the mug (save some of it for later if you can't pour all of it in.
  7. Drink it!
-Eben "Frostey


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