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Saturday, June 18, 2005

My paintballing inbetweener

Hallo. Recently, I have been interested in this blog hosted by a Norwegian immigrant friend of mine. Here's the link: here. It is very interesting. It is not in Norwegian, so go ahead if you speak English, but not Norwegian.

So, anyway, no stories about the bagel place today because nothing I did there was anything special. But, I have a little thing to tell about someone that I meet alot.
Usually, I whenever he goes up to me, he starts saying rubbish like, "I can take down a bunch of beer bottles with a paintball gun," or, "my ex-girl friend's father is CEO of whateverwhatever," or, "I have a paintball team and a bunch of my friends have joined it," or, "I am in the navy," and so on.
Whenever I tell him, "no, offence, but you are obviously lying," he just gasps at me. He says they are completely true!! Well, I guess I would believe him, then - but I find it colossally hard to believe.
-Eben "Frostey"


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