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Friday, January 13, 2006

On the current Gregorian calendar

Bonjour! Namusté! Goddag! Guten tag! Ní Hăo! Shalóm! Kónnichi wa! Pronto! Aloha! Hola! Good Day!-- Never mind.

ell, anyway, I had a thought (this is ônly a hypothisis): Might our calandar, the Gregorian calendar, need môre fixîng? Three years agô (2003), we had snôw in the sprîng time. Next year (2004), we had May showers brîngîng June flowers. Last year, (2005) along with early this year (2006) we have been gettîng môre than three days of snôw in Octôber-Nôvember, and sprîng time in January! Now, I have finally decidèd to finally say that perhapes, we need to adjust our calendar. Perhapes we need to put in an annual extra day, ôr a thîng like that. But however, we can not keep puttîng bandaĝes on the Gregorian calendar. Might we need a new calendar?
I tried to tell this to many people, but most of them, even the most liberal, didn't accept it. Of course, even the addition to Leap Day was difficult, too.

-Eben «Frostey»/ Ħōlĕbĭn


  • I shall accept this, frostey! It's a really darned good idea. Can you propose an example for me? I'd be very interested in having sun most of the time, but I guess you can't do anything about that:-)

    By Anonymous Your Old and Scruffy Teacher, at 5:26 PM  

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