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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Nice Little D(Bl)og Post About Language

Note: this post, along with everypost after, will be written with two new letters: Ǯǯ (Sh) Ʒʒ (S in Vision). Therefor the words Television and Fish will appear as Televiʒion and Fiǯ. Thank you.
You know what? It seems that dog languadʒe depends on volume, mutters, and tone. Also, I realized that it tends to differenǯiate between each dog, because of being born separated.
Here's a few phrases in Mr. Lunch (my dog) Sammy (my cousin's dog) and Engliǯ being compared:

Eng: Can I have some food?
MLc: *Looks at person in sad desire.*
Smy: mm! mm! mm! (high, ǯort)

Eng: Hey! Ǯut up!
MLc: Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! (ǯort)
Smy: *Turns head down*

Eng: Hey! It's a person at the door! Let me addem!
MLc: Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! (ǯort, but usually no reacǯion)
Smy: Ô-wô-wô-wô-wûô-ô! (high, loud, aggressive, long)

As you might see, there are differences in dog languadʒe. Well, I don't know how to say or make a gestǯure for goodbye in any dog languadʒe, so just... bye.

-Eben-ezer "Frostey"


  • Wow its so true, and isn't it interesting that dogs are so good at asking for things, but most animals just grab whatthey can without asking?

    By Anonymous ted, at 2:50 PM  

  • wow, so true, isn't it interesting that dogs ask for food, but other animals just grab what they can when they can?

    By Anonymous ted, at 2:52 PM  

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