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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ezh and Esh (Ʒ&Ǯ)

You know what? I think that we should have a letter to represent the "zh"/Ʒ/ phoneme, since it has no default form in English. This sound is the "S" in viSion, the "G" in Genre, and the "J" in French bonJour and TaJ Mahal. Maybe we should have a letter for this: Ʒ/ʒ, or perhapes Ž/ž. We'll call it Ezh (Eʒ).

Also, we use "Sh" in SHack so much, we could easily have a letter for it, too! How aboot Ǯ/ǯ, since it sounds like Ʒ, or Š/š if it has trouble in character maps. We'll call this one Esh (Eǯ).

Hm. Eʒ and Eǯ! Sounds like a team that will soon take over the world!
Well, Ʒan Paul, if you could read this sentence unilluʒionally like a ǯining gas staǯion, I think we ǯould use Eʒ and Eǯ!
-Eben-ezer "Frostey"


  • yes, but if i read in a new language i must learn that new language

    By Anonymous ted, at 2:54 PM  

  • Ah, Frostey? You DO realize that "Bonjour" and "Taj Mahal" aren't exactly "English" words, right? You specified them as french, but you started off talking about no default form in the English language. I just thought I'd point that out, seeing as how you switched to French.
    Another thing I noticed... Ezh sounds very much like edge... just like C sounds like See and K sounds like "'kay?". Whatever, it doesn't matter. G'bye.

    By Blogger "Sychon", at 1:46 PM  

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