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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Récipé Nombre Une: Ézãngústé of Frostonia

Hallo. Before I start the titled article, I would love to say that I started the day off w/ a lovely trip to the grocery store, where I redescovered the incredibly diverse CHEESE section! I ran around it a bunch, wiffing and smeeling all the wundervolle Käse*! I decided that I shouldn't just buy gouda & cheddar, but also some other unique cheese!
Sorry. Anyway, I would like to introduce a recipe for a unique dish of mine: Ézãngústé! It is the nation dish of my made-up country of Frostonia. It's pronouned /Ey-zah-ngoo-stey/ to suit English-speakers, or /ezɑ̃ŋyste/ in Frostan for all of those special IPA experts out there, including me. Anyway, I think it's DU-licious! Here's what you do:
You need tofu, soysause, a bannana, and cracker crumbs. For cooking, there's the gas stove, a small frying pan, some vegetable oil, and plastic spatula.
First, you take out the pan, put it on the stove, and spread some vegetable oil on it, and turn it on. You put some of the sliced tofu and bananna on it and cook it by flipping it with the spatula from time to time. Early in the process, put some soy sause on the tofu and the banannas. When you are done with the frying, turn off the stove and serve the Ézãngústé with the spatula, sprinkle the cracker crumbs on the stuff, and of course, eat it!
-Eben/ Frostchii

*wundervolle Käse: German for "wonderfull cheeses." Pronouced /'Voon-dir-vohl-uh' Kehs'-uh'/


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