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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The summer is HERE!

Note: I pretty much gave up on the Esh and Ezh thing. If you would still want it, post a comment.
Stilig*! I am so glad that my only school year where I am 13 years-old is OVER! I had a low-friend year and depression from some cannelloniish** loads of work. I definatly got straight A's, but I was often in a lack of peace of mind... a war of mind?
Anyway, I got back from an end-of-the-year field trip at Canobie Lake Park! The graduation was not as signifigant as I thought (I'm going to high school!). But the dance was great; I actually participated in it, unlike the last few dances this year; I was admired!

Well, I am very excited about the summer. I gonna have a family reunion, do some drama improv with my friends; go for two weeks of Friends/ Quaker Camp in China, Maine; hang out with some friends, make more cartoons, 4th of July, &cetera.

Speaking of the 4th, I should tell you that I am actually very liberally patriotic, along with liking other cultures at the same time; I said I was "unpatriotic" previously because my words were mislead by those political cartoons. What I really meant was that I was not satisfied with the Gov't's rule. Now, I personally think that the gov't is not the country because anyone could run no matter how stupid, smart, productive, lazy, violent, or peacefull they are! In fact, the gov't could be very unpatriotic by abolishing freedom of speech or ruining our reputation, which the Bush administration seems to be trying to do.
I mean, without freedom of speech, there would be no art, everything would be owned by the gov't, no-one could be allowed to disaggree, nothing could improve, and, well, it would be like the Third Reich or communist gov't! It would not be a democratic-republic anymore! Yuck!

Well, anyway I don't want to make this post sound any more unpleasant as it is. :) Kalimera! (Greek for "goodday.")

-Eben "Frosté"

*stilig /stihlee/- Norwegian word for "cool."
**cannelloniish: overwhelmingly large


  • I don't personally think that communism is all bad... I think it's just something to do with how they pulled it off in most countries. (Russia killed by Stalin. The Russians very much admire Lenin for bringing about the change.) You don't have to agree, it's just my point of view.

    By Blogger "Sychon", at 1:52 PM  

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