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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Päiväääää*! My summer has been going fan-flooping-tabulous. Going to the swimming pool to get more exercize, making cartoons, hanging out with my friends, doing some awesome cooking, &c. I also went to friends camp in South China, Maine for 2 weeks! ( ˚∀˚)
So, here's a foto of the most beautiful pretzel I've made, which was with a whole delicious batch of other pretzels that I made with my father (:-)˚ :

Anyway, I have been making the fourth Noids cartoon! Imagine that! It's not specifically related, but I've made a fake Japanese cartoon ad poster for Noids. Here's the link: here!
Anyway, C-Ya!

-Eben "Fthrasti"

*Päivää= Finnish for "hello." The double vowl at the end is pronouced EAH in yEAH with extra length.


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