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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy H'ween!!

Päivää. I had a great halloween. Dressed up as a golfer with a giant golfball coming out of his head. It was fun! I wish there were more halloween parties though. Plus, I was a bit too late for finishing that freakin' live action halloween film. This holiday stuff is somthing I am sure slow at! Well, I guess I don't have to make holiday cartoons. I find 'em a bit hard to think up.

Y'know, I think I need a slightly different penname than "Frostey." Just look "frostey" or "frosté" up on google. Sure, definatly get my webpage on the top of the list for "frostey," but other refrences to me and my material are very much scattered throughout the search; in fact, no one has ever typed anything about my Bloater cartoon. "Froste" on google gets me pretty much nothin'. I've been deciding over this for a bit. I've made up a few names already:
  • Tonsieur Frosté
  • Frosti Frites
  • Frostey the Trillionth
  • Singin' & Dancin' (S&D) Frostey *My favoritest!*
  • Frostey Fritters
  • Frosteyneko *already used in a few of my S.N.s*
  • What The Frostey?
  • Frosteypie
  • Frosté-Burn'n
So far, I like Singin' & Dancin' Frostey the best. You could abbreviate the "Singin' & Dancin'" as "S.A.D.," but you'd get the name of S.A.D. Frostey. That sounds a bit rude to me, calling someone "sad." So S&D Frostey, SD Frostey, S&DF, S-N-D Frostey, etc. would have less poor taste. I'd like to hear what you think.

-Singin' & Dancin' Frostey


  • you are awesome. :)
    i hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

    By Anonymous Sandra, at 12:58 AM  

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