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Friday, December 15, 2006


Anyway, here I am @ school, taking advantage of my spare time in directed study. Wow. I haven't posted for such an incredibly long time! I have recovered from a big series of emotional series recently this week! I feel wünderbar!

So, anyway, the week was very exciting. A few interesting things happened.
One thing that really stands out is that my sister Leah almost burned the house wednesday evening. You see, my sister was very bored, so she burned a piece of paper in th' air. However, she wasn't that well expirenced! The paper landed in the trash can before it finished burning. The contents in the trash can started to burn -- but Leah didn't notice or scream!
One minute already passed. The fire alarm went off -- all of them! Mother thought it was the Carbon Monoxide alarm, so she almost had me go outside. We didn't know what t' do!
Dad finally went upstairs and found out that the trashcan was burning! I found out. We all (Leah is still not very stunned) threw buckets of water with the inconveniently designed waters spouts of sinks that we had: the spouts went almost touching the sinkhole!
We finally extinguished it! The damage done? Contents of the trash can and one floor tile. Not even the whole trashcan. Phew. :)
We still weren't terribly impressed w/ Leah by this time. We do forgive her now, but she has to be a bit carefull. ;)

Well, it was a fun post. I already have another post comeing up. ;)

As the Finnish say, näkemiin!

-Eben "S&D Frostey"


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