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Monday, February 05, 2007

2007 already?!

Yo. Wuzzup. Sick day.
I haven't posted in a while! Last time I posted, I was talking about a fire accident! That was a long time ago!
So, anyway. My x-mas was pretty good; though no snow, I got an mp3 player, a drawing tablet, a fun calendar, a new sketchbook, etc.
Had some great new years parties!
I've been updating the webpage a bit more often: about 1½ times a week. Though I haven't been getting any new cartoons up yet, I've been updating my webpage with more artwork and comix. I do have a few simple cartoons planned, though.
Been postin' on the H*R forum Burning Horizon quite alot recently.

Recently, I've been super-eager to have an expirience with the Nintedô Wii! Ever since December, I've wanted to try it out.
Luck for me, on Sunday I FINALLY GOT TO CHECK IT OUT @ Jack's house! It was pretty cool.
Very different from previous consoles. I was amazed by this whole idea of moving around to play. And I didn't know that the wiimote could be used in so many ways!
Me and Jack got to play some Wii Sports, Wario Ware, and X-Cite Truck. All these games (and games within) had very diverse ways of using the Wiimote. We also made some Miis & tried out those H*R wii games.
For all I know, my own family might have to get one!

Speaking of 7th generation gaming, I think this "competition of the consoles" thing has got to stop. The Wii is so different, It can't compete with the PS3 and the xBox360. The PS3 has a huge amount of features on it. The XB360 already has been a few developers' top choice for making good games for. In other words, the console war is nerdy.

...and as you can see, I just got myself into video games again. :p That was a lot of lines spent on th' "7th generation of gaming" -- that's what we video game nerds call th' current wave of new video game consoles.

Anyway, I have been having quite some fun with my tablet. Plan to use it for my comics & my cartoons for easier, better drawing. I've only used the tablet so far for my third strip of my comic, Javol! Strip #3 is about those corny "Ur Mom Jokes." Here's the 3rd strip:

I was thinking that I should start making a few Portuguese and French comix, too. Of course, they'd have to be jokes that only Portuguese and French speakers would get. For example, I would rant about K-Fed's super-non-Portuguese PopoZão in a Portuguese comic.

So, anyway, I guess I'll go take a break. Ciao!
-Eben "S&D Frostey"


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