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Sunday, October 16, 2005

NOT Taipei Part 3!

Augh, copying that written journal entry was pain. Next time, I'll write my travel-journals on my laptop, so I could just copy and paste them. Yes, it's good to use my laptop in travel by not only doing work on my webpage.
Somehow, someway today, I got SPAM (?) in French. Wowzers, that's the first time that happened to me! According to the translation, it's somthing aboot me buying product. Unfortunatly, all that Frenglish is still confusing. Agghts. I hate my confusable E-mail address.
Well, anywizzle, I have some cartoons films. Here, here and here. I'm working on a Halloweeen one now.
Well, Swi2 Zhien4!
-Eben "frostey"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Taipei Trip pt.2

Sorry I havn't posted in a while. I gu-ess I'm now in the mood.
Anyway, I'm back from Taiwan finally (as of August 28th; arn't I slow?)! It was a 3 week trip. I will tell you out my journal, whatever that means.
Blogpost from August 5, 2005, pt.2 (The More of the Bouring Æroplane Ride) :
It's very interesting that, whenever you are living in the far west, you have to go more far west to go the most eastern longitutes in the world! I know you have to do it, but it makes this longitude thing seem not-well made. Well, really, there's nothing wrong with it.
Back to me being a non-Chinese speaker, it's a good thing that the hôtel staff in Taipei will probobly speak English.
Notice how I spelled hôtel with an accent mark; this is because we got the word from the French; when we get a word from another language, I like to treat it like one, by leaving the other letters and accent marks on it. However, as for non-Latin characters, there would be Romanization, of course.
Augh, it's taking so long for the L.A. flight to finish. Actually, it's taking as long as I expected; it's been four hours: almost done... okay, make that 5 hours. Slow indeed.

Okay, we are finnally "touching down," as the piolet calls it. The piolet must be obcessed with American Football, or Forkball, as I call it, given the fact that the goal is a giant fork; it's the same source as the name for basketball, really.
Finally, the Los Angeles-to-Hong Kong æroplane is finally moving! The good thing aboot the end of the Hong Kong flight is that then it will be the end of the long-taking æroplanes; just a short flight to Taipei after that. We got out of Los Angeles quite quickly; only 11,669 Km to go!
Today, (more like tonight) tonight, I had my first time being embarassed trying to talk Chinese to a Chinese (Hong Konger?) person, while the person speaks great English. I said an overly quick version of, "Ching ni Bongzhua. Yengwern ma?¹" and then he said, "what are you trying to say?" This is like other people when they are talking to foreign person. This happens regularly to travelers.
End of Journal Entry
Okay, I'll add more aboot my trip later. Swi Jien!

-Eben "Frostey"

¹I need help. Do you speak English?