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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hong Kong

Ah, Ni hao. I'm in Hong Kong, going to Teipei after this. Not being able to get an adapter for my laptop, I'm going to have to use this [b]DFS[/b]Galleria Computer for internet access. It is interesting to see the Chinese captions come first. Though, it's hard to tell weither their main language is English, or Chinese.
[b]Anyway, here's a post orignally written in an æroplane at August 5, 2005:[/b]
Hallo! I'm on the æroplane that's going to the plane to Hong Kong, which goes to the plane to Teipei, finally. That's [b]3[/b] æroplanes! This will be my greatest travel in my life.
We [my family] were lucky to [i]not[/i] go through that metal check. That thing is [i]annoying! [/i]We had to go through it every time me and my family were traveling in the North-West; I got used to it, but I haven't adapted to it, though.
On the trip, we will be using phrase books, which is good, given that I don't know any Chinese, except these four phrases:
[b]Ni Hao[/b] = Hallo
[b]Sao[/b] = Good Morning
[b]Ching Ne Bongjua[/b] = I need help
[b]Ching Ne Shwi Engwen[/b] = Please speak English
Come to think, I got a phrase I will maybe never need: "Ching ne shwi xung wa ha," for, "Please speak more Chinese," which is a sad phrase to know aboot; I could have at [i]least[/i] knew the phrase for, say, "yes," "no," or, "maybe."
-Eben "Frostey"

Thursday, August 04, 2005

On _% milk.

Hi. I just saw The Life of Python. Brilliant film.
Recently, I found out that, on a container of Garelic Milk (which is not organic, by the way) that now there is 5 Percent milk! I am horrified (not really) by this.
Can't we just have ½-fat, Skim, and 100% whole milk? I mean, who the bloody pizza would want to buy 0.000040018% milk?
"Wow, you're getting quite thin! Why drink 0.000040010% milk when you could buy 0.000040018% milk?"
"Wow, mom, you're right!"
Lame-o. My mother still goes for 3% milk.
Anyway, I have this new Flash film. Here's the link: here.
-Eben "Frostey"