Frostey's Mind Unplugged

Friday, December 02, 2005

In an early, 4th episode of Red Dwarf, a British Science-Fiction Sitcom written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, a race of humans evolved from the main character's pet cat called the Felis sapiens had a religion being introduced on how their species got started. Lister (the main character)'s pet cat formed the species, as they knew, but many things were misinterpeted, including:

  • Fiji (PRO-nouced: fee-jee /FĒ-DƷĒ/) =Fuchal (PRO-nouced: fyoo-shal /Fyü-šəl/)
  • The colour of the hats that the fast food chain that Lister would open would be green = The colour of the hats of the people that served at THE TEMPLE OF FOOD were supposed to be either blue or red (There was a war on it. See how certain religious thoughts causes overreaction?)
  • Lister's laundry list= THE HOLY LIST


This makes me think: was our religion also a misinterrpeted history? Perhapes, who we think is GOD (Dog, Bod, Godo, Skod, Od, perhapes?) was evolved from a fish and kept a monkey in an improper storage place avalilable at the time? This would normally sound crazy, but I am not completly hanging on to this idea, but this concept of Grant/ Naylor's sounds very interesting, even if it is a mere concept of comédie.

Maybe, just like the Felis sapiens, the person we called GOD (or in the case of Red Dwarf, Lister) had no special powers, like Lister— technichian with an unoticable I.Q. that tends to be sloppy— be restated as an über-powered supernatural man who goes against "coolness," seemingly very intelligent, can do thing such as turn a dead fish into a living woman, and labeled as CLOISTER THE STUPID, rather than Lister.


Unfortunatly, all this "Intelligent Design" combined with evolution would be very hard to prove, being inspired from fiction.

-Eben "Frostey"/ Ħōlêbîn