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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things I Gave People for Christmas '07.

Hello. Midterms right now. Surprisingly fun.
Before I even think of making a new, more intellectual post, I'll list the rest of the things I gave people for X-Mas, since I told you guys I would.

Leah, my sister: a silly crown and a princess peach cellphone charm... AND Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii !!!!
A friend at my new high school: The DVD of the high school play Scapino! (wrapped in my old house's wallpaper.)
My Mom: Scapino! DVD
Dad: A signed version of a very big poster I made, before I published it.
A friend in Boston: Metroid on the Wii Virtual Console.
A teacher at my new highschool: Arizona and Cactus pepper shakers (since he was from Arizona)
"Sikon" (another friend in Boston): a signed comic strip I made.
A third friend in Boston: A gift card to EBGames/ Gamestop.
A fourth Bostonian: a signed comic strip I made.

Yeah. I gave alot of stuff away for christmas.
I actually got some benefit from the DDR I gave Leah. I could post a YouTube video of it on this computer, but YouTube is actually blocked on these school campus computers.

However, I did make a christmassy comic, though:

-Eben "S&D Frostey

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