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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yo! I'm having such a wonderful life right now! Might you ask why? Well, it's the almost of the school year! MY FIRST YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL IS NEARLY OVAH! This might have been, by far, the best school year i've had since 4th or 7th grade, man. Also what might have help was knowing how to avoid regret -- gratitude and recognition has made my life SO much easier!!
So many things happened recently!!! A few weekends ago, I had my first DATE! I made myself a HERO by SAVING several Japanese language BOOKS from getting thrown in the TRASH!
I have nothing to regret about FRIDAY OF JUNE FIRST!! This Friday was the Bicentennial of ARLINGTON and a graduation dinner @ my house for my cousin LISA!!111 At the PARTY, I got to show a cousin how to play the Wii, made great jokes, and saw the Bincentennial fireworks!!
Besides the party, I got to give Mr. Lunch, my pug, an epic dog-WALK. Along with many other things, yesterday was another friend's graduation, hence a PARTY in my SCHOOL HOMEROOM!
Oh, MAN! I'm doing so well with my YouTube account right now. This morning of Saturday, June 2nd, I was rated the 90th most viewed comedian today! And that's out of 100 comedians! This might be because of an extra-popular video of mine that I published: Jack's Batmobile! 245 views FTW!!11
Here's the vid:

I'm rolling on with my l8est flash cartoon, also. I bet that it will be done within this month. There's a single preview picture on my front page of my website. I know, th@ sounds like a bit of a gyp, giving you a single preview picture out of many, but you'll see. It's gonna be big! And have a wierd name!

To end this magnificent post, I'd like to post a great poèm of mine:

Seminar @ Piattini

In today’s Class in a Glass –

such intensive affairs –

we learn how to drink this

series of four-course wine dinners.


it doesn’t age well.

(a word to the small bladder:

opt for a chair,

but not a banquETTE,

for we are at the end of a three-hour banquET.)

I will remind my self

to swirl my wine glass in a quarter’s circle.

Crookes confronted: “through an appetizer,

give barbecue a nifty Italian makeover.”

There’s the teacher’s pet. Here’s the class clown:

Dom Pérignon, with a clunk,

finds herself apologizing: “I’m getting drunk.”

Au revoir!

-Eben "S&D Frosté"

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