Frostey's Mind Unplugged

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The "T.Y.B.G.C.S.D.L.P.H.L.C.B.M."?

   When I was at Walgreens yesterday I saw a package of Skittles Bubble Gum. Now, I was starting to get tired of all these product-based products. It made me think of this cereal, General Mill's(tm) Trix Yogert Bubble Gum Cereal Sprots Drink Lip Stick House Loans Car Breath Mints(TM) Coming soon in 99876! "0 stars"-I Love a Breath Mint
   Hmm. If I had more stuff to write here, I would put it here, but for now, I will leave it how it is.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

....Song 13:"The Real Slim Shady, Maybe?".........

Hi. After not feel like doing stuff on my blog, I finally put an update here.
   When I was on my way to Minute Man High to go to my Computer Expirience Course, I could've sworn I saw Marshall Mathers III(or "Eminem", as he's know) getting a speed ticket next to what was maybe his car. I was as surprised as if would if I saw Home Star Runner(of 
H*R (Mike and Mat Chapman, 2000-2004)) in real life getting kicked in the the crotch by a peaceful hippie that was somehow named Mikel Robert "Mikrotack" Ted Jackson while they were at this tea party in Istanbul in front of a fat man doing a spilt while he was eating a bowl of a infinite peperoni carlic ice cream pizza samwich pie and.....awwww, never mind.
   Sorry, I have to leave right now. See you later.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hello. I didn't get to update my blog all week. I'm sorry. I'm probobly going to have to say that I would update my blog once a week or more.
   Today, I returned from my Minute Man Summer School Computer Expirience Camp ,and after all those Basic programs I wrote, I found out that Basic for Windows costs 200.0$, while it was free for Macs . I was annoyed that I didn't I used a Mac rather than or with a Windows. Even more. Awgh. 
  Speaking of computers, I have been doing more of that Flash movie along  with this Flash model of this character that's going to censor my real visual identity after  I was at Minute Man along. I will maybe show you  an example pose once I'm done with the model.
  Okey, I have to take a shower right now. Bye!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Sorry Ladies/Guys.

Salutations. I'm sorry I didn't get to update yesterday. I had to do a McAfee Virus Scan on my computer ALL DAY and I had to do I bunch'a other stuff.
I have made a new dental plan for myself and I have been hanging out with my cousins alot yesterday. *Censored* played
the video game, Mario Kart:Double Dash!! with me alot. I also went to a scooter park two days ago.
When I was taking a shower yesterday, my father hit me. Again.
Today, I saw Spider Man 2 and those guests of mine left the house.
Alright, That's all I got for now.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Ow. My ears.

Hello, there, again. When I got up from bed today, I got woken up by this car alarm. Again.
I found out that I had some cousins comeing over. They are here at my place as scheduled.
I have been working and slacking on that flash(still).
Umm.......I think I should also have done this at night.
Maybe I will do some more of this at night.

Friday, July 09, 2004

First Post

Hello. My name(nickname,actually) is Frostey. You could find out more about me in the "about me" link.
About one week ago, I returned from this trip in Oragon.
I have been working on this Flash movie and I havn't been makeing very big process. To view what I actually got so far, here's the link: click here . The part I left on was when that blue guy asked about the Swedish Fish(TM). I am having trouble with the mouth moving. Maybe I should find a freeware Flash mouth movment program to download. You could maybe leave me a link in the comments.