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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

....Song 13:"The Real Slim Shady, Maybe?".........

Hi. After not feel like doing stuff on my blog, I finally put an update here.
   When I was on my way to Minute Man High to go to my Computer Expirience Course, I could've sworn I saw Marshall Mathers III(or "Eminem", as he's know) getting a speed ticket next to what was maybe his car. I was as surprised as if would if I saw Home Star Runner(of 
H*R (Mike and Mat Chapman, 2000-2004)) in real life getting kicked in the the crotch by a peaceful hippie that was somehow named Mikel Robert "Mikrotack" Ted Jackson while they were at this tea party in Istanbul in front of a fat man doing a spilt while he was eating a bowl of a infinite peperoni carlic ice cream pizza samwich pie and.....awwww, never mind.
   Sorry, I have to leave right now. See you later.


  • Hi Frosty!
    I have no acount here so I have to post anonymous, but my name is Tove, and I think you are very good with your computer! Did you realy see "Eminem"?
    I will be back soon, hope you enjoy summer as I do!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:35 PM  

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