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Friday, July 16, 2004

Hello. I didn't get to update my blog all week. I'm sorry. I'm probobly going to have to say that I would update my blog once a week or more.
   Today, I returned from my Minute Man Summer School Computer Expirience Camp ,and after all those Basic programs I wrote, I found out that Basic for Windows costs 200.0$, while it was free for Macs . I was annoyed that I didn't I used a Mac rather than or with a Windows. Even more. Awgh. 
  Speaking of computers, I have been doing more of that Flash movie along  with this Flash model of this character that's going to censor my real visual identity after  I was at Minute Man along. I will maybe show you  an example pose once I'm done with the model.
  Okey, I have to take a shower right now. Bye!


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