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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Nice Little D(Bl)og Post About Language

Note: this post, along with everypost after, will be written with two new letters: Ǯǯ (Sh) Ʒʒ (S in Vision). Therefor the words Television and Fish will appear as Televiʒion and Fiǯ. Thank you.
You know what? It seems that dog languadʒe depends on volume, mutters, and tone. Also, I realized that it tends to differenǯiate between each dog, because of being born separated.
Here's a few phrases in Mr. Lunch (my dog) Sammy (my cousin's dog) and Engliǯ being compared:

Eng: Can I have some food?
MLc: *Looks at person in sad desire.*
Smy: mm! mm! mm! (high, ǯort)

Eng: Hey! Ǯut up!
MLc: Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! (ǯort)
Smy: *Turns head down*

Eng: Hey! It's a person at the door! Let me addem!
MLc: Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! Bahrpt-! (ǯort, but usually no reacǯion)
Smy: Ô-wô-wô-wô-wûô-ô! (high, loud, aggressive, long)

As you might see, there are differences in dog languadʒe. Well, I don't know how to say or make a gestǯure for goodbye in any dog languadʒe, so just... bye.

-Eben-ezer "Frostey"

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ezh and Esh (Ʒ&Ǯ)

You know what? I think that we should have a letter to represent the "zh"/Ʒ/ phoneme, since it has no default form in English. This sound is the "S" in viSion, the "G" in Genre, and the "J" in French bonJour and TaJ Mahal. Maybe we should have a letter for this: Ʒ/ʒ, or perhapes Ž/ž. We'll call it Ezh (Eʒ).

Also, we use "Sh" in SHack so much, we could easily have a letter for it, too! How aboot Ǯ/ǯ, since it sounds like Ʒ, or Š/š if it has trouble in character maps. We'll call this one Esh (Eǯ).

Hm. Eʒ and Eǯ! Sounds like a team that will soon take over the world!
Well, Ʒan Paul, if you could read this sentence unilluʒionally like a ǯining gas staǯion, I think we ǯould use Eʒ and Eǯ!
-Eben-ezer "Frostey"

Ontario (Not Canada!)

Bonĵour! I am in Ontario, New York. It's my cousin Diane's house in an exurb.
You know what? I remember the Shaq Paq @ Burger King before I was vegetarian, and suddenly, who cares aboot Shaq O'Neil in Boston or N.Y. when he's from Florida? Who cares if he's a really good basquetball player -- actually, come to think, that's a preety good excuse. Nevermind. :P

Well, you are probably wanting to know what my expirience in Ontario (not Canada) is. Well, thére's good food (mmm...Chex Mix!) , I'm getting enough time to make my cartoons and to show them, and we are going to enlightening museums! Yeh, I like it alot. But I am going to leave now for a nice basquet ball game! Er, actually, I just want to stop wryting ryght now.

By the way, just incase you didn't know, I have 2 new, short cartoons: here and here. Another one coming up!

-Eben-ezer "Frosté"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

hôlŷ schkiddoodle! I'm pôstîng!

Namasté! I häve not pôstêd here in an a long time! Plus, I was not in the mood fôr a long time. This was probablŷ because workîng on a jöurnal for a twice-weeklŷ assignment (in school) fêlt like wörk äftër a while. But here I äm noŵ, writîng on my blog. I'm sorrŷ I didn't update fôr a while.
Anŷwaŷ, I will soon be on my first road trip fôr vacation! Βye!
-Eben-ezer "Frosté"