Frostey's Mind Unplugged

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Yo guys. It's me, Eben. Haven't made a blogpost in a very long while.
My part of this country is having their obligatory spring snowstorm right now. Ya, it's pretty crazy. I wish I took some pix. Maybe later.

Anyway, I just finished a full three weeks of way too much homework. The amount of homework was actually enough to cry over. Thank goodness it's over!
Within those 3 weeks, I made some great drawings for school projects. Might publish them on my webpage. One was a modernized Romeo and Juliet comic book (for English class) . One was a playbill for a modernized Medea (for Drama class) . These, & a few other projects, would explain why I didn't update my webpage for a while.

I got an comic I am making this weekend based on the snowstorm. Meanwhile, I updated the site with a new comic (here), a piece of music (here), and a little something different: here. Man, I gotta take down th@ valentines front page. XD
Speaking of my webpage, some dude from Hungary checked my webpage out.

Alright. Cya! I think I'm gonna work on th@ new comic.

-Eben "S&D Frostey"