Frostey's Mind Unplugged

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Nazdar*, you guys, NAZDAR*!!

Anyway, I turned 15--gah, I mean 14 yesterday on August the 25th. Biked to Sychon's, did some improv and played the video game Tales of Symphonia, which had way too many cut scenes. Right now I have an Alaskan guy at my house named Gunnar. I also got this awesome free Ping-Pong table!

Anyway, I just at the start of the day, me and my family went to a crummy potluck brlunch at Cambridge Meeting, which didn't turn out so well. Afterwards, we went to a cute mall, bought some clothes, failed to go to Pinochio's.
When I got home, I played some ping pong with my new table in the garage during a rainstorm. Afterwards, I had to read a bunch of my DU-PRESSING summer reading book. Augh, I was DU-PRESSED like it was a school day of a 13-year-old. To get cheered up, we found and watched some string of Spainish language television comedies on Univisión such as Cero Del Conducta (sp?).
Wow, I already got done two things on my Birthday list-- watching a foreign language comedy and getting a Ping-Pong table! There's other things there, like riding on a golf cart and having my very own spearmint gum for myself!

-Eben "F'osté" the 14-year-old

*Nazdar= Czech for Hello.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mount Saint Hellens!

Guess what! I just came back from a trip to WA.S.* involving climbing Mount Saint Hellens and a very expensive family reunion.

The climbing/ hike was probably the most hard that I have ever had. The view at the end (link: here!) and the fun climb down was worth it, though.

During the family reunion, I met a few family members, some of which I saw already, some I never saw, some just friends of the family. I went on other hikes with them, too.

Uhm... that's all I got right now. Bye!
-Eben "F'osté"

*WA.S.= Washington State. It's where Seattle is! :p

Friday, August 11, 2006

More Summer!

Hallo! I'm back from my week-long trip in R.I. for New England Yearly meeting. The trip was great, met great people, went swimming recorded some songs with some friends, but I ate too much food; now, or at least yesterday, I a reflex disease. No complete barfing, but I had bad feelings in my throat.

Anyway, right when we came back, we had to start packing for the flight on Alaska Airlines to Seattle for our family reunion. The flight is today at 6:00 pm; father, 50yrs old, read it as 6:00 am. So yeah, 12 hours early. What a roflcopter*. >∀< Mandarin-French-Spanish-Japanese-Arabic-Cantonese-Norwegian/Danish/Swedish-Korean. I could sort of do Spainish and French, but I can do better with French, though my Spainish isn't as good. My Norwegian would probably do good enough for my Danish and Swedish.
If you want to help me translate my webpage into one of these languages, especially Mandarin, post a comment me to tell me that you would and which one you would help me with. Also, my AIM is FrOstEyNEKO and my Email is . Thanks, 谢谢 (xièxie), gracias, merci, Tak(k), 고맙습니다 (gomapseumnida), ありがとう (arigatou) and شكرًا (shuukran). And maybe धन्यवाद (Dhanyavaad), but I don't have many Indian visitors anymore.

Heh. My cat Manfred is rubbing his small cheeks on the side of my laptop. How cute. ´ω`

-Eben "Frostchii"

*ROFLCOPTER: Something that is very funny or easy to laugh at. My friend Jack "Sychon" made it up and I redefined it. Dang, I should have titled my webpage ROFLCOPTER.US! Or even better: ! Ò well. °の°