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Saturday, February 12, 2005

On Trends

Hello, I was just reading some Comic Fantasy again.
I don't think of E=mc2 as an equation that makes people look smart; people should understand that the whole equation (Energy(E) within somthing is Equal(=) to the Mass(M) of things times the speed of light(C) times itself(2)) is more of a thing to say. I don't like it when an opinion or fact is turned into a phrase and then into a phrase used everywhere; I don't like trends, either; I feel silly whenever I'm joining in a certain thing that many other people with me are joining (i.e. trying to get away with things). My least favorite trends ever are wanting to fight back, thinking calliing someone a "gay guy" is an insult, and eating meat. Speaking of which, I became a full vegitarian! Take who get all their food from KFC and MacDonolds but feel sorry for the animals!

You know, some guy IM'd me the other day and asked, "Who are you?" as if he knew me; I didn't repond to that question but asked, how did you get this IM?" After that he typed, "Shut the [Cencored] up..........Fairy [this is not the actual word he used, but he used a swear] ," and then logged off. There are some things I can guess from that guy:
1. He is against gay Marraige
2. He watches violent Flash cartoons all day
3. He is a Republican and...
4. ...Likes George W. Bush
5. His thoughts on video games: "I can't live without them."
6. He eats meat
7. He is a U.S. of American ("..and proud of it!")
8. Even more stuff.
If I remembered his screen name, I would have to begin this force called, "The Anti-[that IMer's SN] Force;" but I think that would be silly.

Alright, before I end this post, I would like to annouce that I created a new menu for my Flash movies, here's the link: here.

Alright, Da sveedaneeya!
-Eben "Frostey"