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Friday, January 13, 2006

On the current Gregorian calendar

Bonjour! Namusté! Goddag! Guten tag! Ní Hăo! Shalóm! Kónnichi wa! Pronto! Aloha! Hola! Good Day!-- Never mind.

ell, anyway, I had a thought (this is ônly a hypothisis): Might our calandar, the Gregorian calendar, need môre fixîng? Three years agô (2003), we had snôw in the sprîng time. Next year (2004), we had May showers brîngîng June flowers. Last year, (2005) along with early this year (2006) we have been gettîng môre than three days of snôw in Octôber-Nôvember, and sprîng time in January! Now, I have finally decidèd to finally say that perhapes, we need to adjust our calendar. Perhapes we need to put in an annual extra day, ôr a thîng like that. But however, we can not keep puttîng bandaĝes on the Gregorian calendar. Might we need a new calendar?
I tried to tell this to many people, but most of them, even the most liberal, didn't accept it. Of course, even the addition to Leap Day was difficult, too.

-Eben «Frostey»/ Ħōlĕbĭn

Friday, January 06, 2006

Bonne Année... BIG DEAL! =-Þ

Bonjour. Je suis ne pas dans Suisse, mais je se servur de le chose. (Hallo, I'm not in Switzerland anymore, but I used to be.) How's my Français, si'l vous plaît?
So anyway, I was in Lausanne, Switzerland, with no internet access! Pardon pour ça. (Interesting... I'm still used to speaking Français-- I mean French.) Eh, oh well. I had a good time. Well, where else can you:
  • Turn in 5.--- CH₣ and get back 20€¢?
  • Find out that what we call La fromage suisse (Swiss Cheese) is actually Norsk Jarlsberg? (Norwegian Jarlsberg)
  • Realize that trains are much better than æroplanes?
  • Have bloddy good skiïng?
  • Have bloddy good chocolat and crossaints?
  • Find out that Switzerland has a surprisingly strict law?
  • Have trouble getting a Café au lait, but still getting bloddy good Café?
  • Find out that the Swiss don't use their Franc Sign (₣), but still have the currency (Fr.)?
  • See beutiful scenery?
  • Find out that Switzerland (or at least the French-speaking territory) is warmer and has better weather (still has snow, of course) than Massachusetts?

Well, I did all of those. =-3 In fact, I pretty much miss Switzerland! Oh well. Kapüt. I might go to Montréal for more French practice and skiïng, anyway; but there's still no glamourus chocolat in Canada, I don't think. =-Є

So, darnot, it's the new year 2006 and it doesen't feel exciting. =-Þ However, for a new years treat, not only did I translate more cartoon films into French with my new skills, but I made two films. A new year's one: here, and a Noids 3: here. Also, I got a new section: fonts!

And now, for no reason, I shall type all the symbols on a Canadian French Keyboard: ¨^ÄäÂâÜüÛûÏïÎîÖöÔôËëÊêŜŝĈĉĜĝĤĥĴĵŴŵŸÿŶŷÉéÈèÇçÀà. Stranĝly enough, they forgot: ŒœÙù°«»

-Eben "Frosté"/ Ħōlĕbĭn