Frostey's Mind Unplugged

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy... uh... three days from World Vegetarian Day!!!

Wow! Here I am, finally posting again!

Augh, I just wasted an incredibly precious 2 hours of non-homework spare time on looking at YTMNDs. When will I ever get myself from wasting my time at that half-creative rubbish!?

Besides right now, Deborah Henson-Conant stopped by my house to try out one of my dad's leftover buddy bikes! High school has been goin' great. The homework can be a bit pesky, though. Mondays are yucky, too. I also have trouble waking up. But I have been having a satisfactory amount of after school homework.
Maybe I should do homework with my friends at the library afterschool. I have been needing more social time and exercize.
I like that it's Halloween month and that there's Friday freeskate now. I'm excited about the idea of the skiing vacations in Québec during the winter, maybe?

Fiew, I feel better. I just turned up some Reggae on the Radio. I am take a refreshing walk after this post!
Anyway, I have recently thought of something to make long decimals easier to copy and read. Similar to commas in full numbers, (I.E. 12,902,389) there would be semi-colons after the decimal point every three didgets. So, "1,809.18495422" would be redered as "1,809.184;954;22 ."

Arright, sorry about the lack of material, but I go now. :)

-Eben "F'osté"