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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer 2008: the Story so far...

Hey hey hey! This old blog must be dusty, hein?
WOW. So many things happened -- and of course -tehehehe- are happening this summer.
I've been learning how to drive, since I now have I got my permit. Very cool. I've been cooking alot - been learning how to make and been making pommes frites, pizza, curries. I've been doing not much for my webpage, but some. I went to two exciting places with my dad: Antwerp, Belgium and Telluride, Colorado! I've been watching the Beijing Olympics, of course. Watching Saturday morning cartoons has been a must-do on Saturday mornings. I'm also an intern for a community center, which is a fun job. Also have been playing Wii, of course. Hanging out with new friends. Et cetera.

In Europe, I actually went to three places, in this order -- Antwerpen, BE > Amsterdam, NL > Brussels, BE. In Antwerpen and Amsterdam, I learned Dutch, which is spoken by 55% of Belgians. French is spoken by about 45%. It's a beautiful country. Lots of chocolate, churches, architecture, and comics there. Belgium is actually the most widely-proven birth place of les pommes frites ( 'cuz calling them "french-fried potatoes" is for silly americans). The frites are the best there. The way they make them there is that they fry them twice and cut them a bit more thick than in America. They also like 'em with mayonaise, which is tastier than it sounds.

What else?

This summer, I've also been working as an intern at a community center. A non-pay job, but it's very cool: get to meet new people, made a cool poster for them with school mascots, and even go to local concerts with them.

Also, finally, I made a new cartoon. Here she be!

Also jack has a new blog about living in a new place. Here's the link: here!

Anyways, I'll be leaving. I'm watching the Olympics, now. Bye!!

-Eben "Singin' and Dancin' Frostey"

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

MAD for Washington


Just ate lunch. You know what you should NEVER eat for lunch? Three sandwiches with last night's fondue in it -- tastes good, but it clogs your arteries. Like, noticably. I'm not sure if it's even a good lunch for an Italian. You know: espresso and pastry for breakfast; four hours for lunch? Yeah. That disgusting. Had to burn it off by playing wii sports. Might have to have a siesta...

Spring break for me just happened at the end of March. Very fun! Went to Washington, D.C. with my dad. Saw some Smithsonian museums. My favorite was the portrait museum. After a few days in DC, before I left to take a plane to the Oakland airport, I checked out a cool collection of MAD Magazine stuff in a house of one of my dad's friends. Here a picture of my personal favorite:

A life-sized bust of Alfred E. Neuman. If he was real. One out of five of these, man. Friggin' rare. Also has a MAD straitjacket. Really works!

But what about my animations? Well, lots of my could-be making animations time has been tooken up by playing this video game I just got -- Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Now that I've unlocked all the characters and stages, I've been managing to not be too obsessed with it. Only sometimes, you know? I got a new animation coming up, but first, a comic strip:

Well, ta-ta for now, messieurs!

-Eben "S&D Frostey"

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things I Gave People for Christmas '07.

Hello. Midterms right now. Surprisingly fun.
Before I even think of making a new, more intellectual post, I'll list the rest of the things I gave people for X-Mas, since I told you guys I would.

Leah, my sister: a silly crown and a princess peach cellphone charm... AND Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii !!!!
A friend at my new high school: The DVD of the high school play Scapino! (wrapped in my old house's wallpaper.)
My Mom: Scapino! DVD
Dad: A signed version of a very big poster I made, before I published it.
A friend in Boston: Metroid on the Wii Virtual Console.
A teacher at my new highschool: Arizona and Cactus pepper shakers (since he was from Arizona)
"Sikon" (another friend in Boston): a signed comic strip I made.
A third friend in Boston: A gift card to EBGames/ Gamestop.
A fourth Bostonian: a signed comic strip I made.

Yeah. I gave alot of stuff away for christmas.
I actually got some benefit from the DDR I gave Leah. I could post a YouTube video of it on this computer, but YouTube is actually blocked on these school campus computers.

However, I did make a christmassy comic, though:

-Eben "S&D Frostey

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

XMAS 2007: The Story So FAR.

Yo, it's me, Eben "Frostey" again!
This year, I'm finally getting/ making X-Mas presents for people. I've been quite generous, considering the lack of presents I've gave previous years. I'll release some information about the presents, since there were some already opened by these particular people:

(my sister): a silly crown and a princess peach cellphone charm (BIGGER PRESENT IS SECRET!)
(a friend at my new high school): The DVD of the high school play Scapino! (wrapped in my old house's wallpaper.)
(a friend in boston): Metroid on the Wii Virtual Console.

Etc, etc. I should probably make the full list of presents after X-Mas.
So, anywaze. What's been up with me? Not much. Not alot of homework. Starting tomorrow is X-Mas break. Goin' skiing on christmas eve. I miss snow. :( I got the pleasant surprise of the break ending on Jan. 8th, 2008, rather than the 3rd (or, if possible, the 2nd!!). Recently made a comic for someone's x-mas present. I'll post it after x-mas (the non-signed, non-specialized version). I have yet to update my webpage. There's a cartoon I've been waiting to publish. I'm using a school computer, so I can't right now.
I'm probably gonna take a trip back to Boston sometime mid- January. I miss the snow. And the friends. And the pizza. And the culture. And the being - able - to - walk - to - somewhere - interesting - in - less - than - a - few - minutes! Sighh...
Well anyway. I gotta go to my next period pretty soon. (Long lunch, ftw!!) Toodle-loo!
-Eben "S&D Frosté"

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Livin' in 'Frisco: Post #1.

Dear blog,
After realizing 2 million times that my computer can only get Wireless access in places where radio stations start with "W," I'm at a café called "Happy Donuts," using a special ethernet cable to connect to the internet. Phew!
Now that I'm using the internet, I'm getting to IM my old friends, where it's almost supper time (it's 1:49 here, dangit). Also, I'm usin' YouTube, drinkin' my decaf Café Vienna, and of course, posting on my blog.
How am I likin' Cali, anywaze? Well, I'm liking it, but I'm having a verrrry slow emotional recovery from leaving my friends. This makes me very thankful of being on IM.
Had a very stressful week last week: School started earlier, I was very depressed, the math teacher was homework-crazy, had no house, I had trouble getting along with dad, and of course, I was missing Mass.
I am very happy now, though I am @ LEAST nostalgic and a tiny bit stressed. I started being a Red Sox fan ever since I heard about leaving Massachusetts. I'm enjoying myself here; however, that doesn't stop me from being a proud Bostonian. I am glad I achieved many goals in Boston: getting a summer job, going to cheers, starting my website, having a spectacular 15th birthday party, getting a Wii, making several friends, etc.
Even though I achieved some wonderful goals in Mass, there's some I wish I did: spend one last time with my semi-girlfriend Julia, meet Elin one last time, go to a film festival, etc.
At the moment, I am getting along better with my father, whom I used to have some wierd grudge against. I'm glad I got to have a pleasant birthday last weekend in Santa Cruz. We are getting very close to getting our house back -- in fact, the people renting it moved out; not only that, but our movers are putting the stuff in the house RITE NOW! I've been sad alot, but I have a wonderful revival every time.
Hm. I feel like posting the first two pieces of art I've made and published here in California:
1st one is a comic strip: Javol #13. It reflects my visit in the Board Walk, Santa Cruz during my birthday on the 25th:

Also, I'd like to post another thing inspired from what I found in Santa Cruz at a cute Sci-Fi restaurant called the Saturn Café:

Anyways, I think that's good enough for my first blogpost. Cya in a while!

-Eben "S&D Frosté"

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Movin' To Cali Soon

Once upon a time, I used to live in California. I spent only 6 years of my early childhood there. Now, the day after tomarrow, I'm moving back. Yes, it is a bit sad, but I'm starting to get better feelings about it.
Thought I'd make a blogpost about it while I was at it.
I'm the one in the family who loves Arlington/ Massachusetts THE MOST. And, I've made all my best friends here.
But well, I bet I'll have a good time in California.
Right now, in the early morning, I'm at my friend Lyle's house, since the beds have been taken away at my house. I'm havin' a good time here.
Part of my stay here, we watched one of the worst comedy movies ever: DATE MOVIE. It was just a bunch of crappy skits parodying chick flicks. The skits was very excessive too; what I mean by is that, you see, they went on for too long. For instance, what's more funny than a cat pooping on the toilet for 4 hours, a cat licking a dead body for 6 hours; and seeing the exact process of a girl character "getting pimped out?" (seriously, no one needed to see that.) It was so bad, that on RottonTomatoes, it got rated 7%!! Even more surprisingly, Epic Movie got 2%!
What I really wonder is why this Scary Movie buisiness is still here. Really! We've got Scary Movie 1-4, Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie, and Epic Movie! Not only that, but according to Wikipedia, Date Movie 2 and Scary Movie 5 is coming out in the future! Then there will be a total of 9 Scary Movies!! Ahhhh!
Speaking of sequels, according to Wikipedia, there's gonna be a Shrek 4 and 5! And a Puss in Boots movie! And a Christmas version! Seriously, didn't Shrek die at the adult kids movie Shrek 3*?

Well, anyways, my friends are waiting for me. Cya! :3

-Eben "Singin' & Dancin' Frosté"

* Of course, I mean Shrek the Third, but it's too lame to be called that.

Monday, August 06, 2007

NEYM 2007: Swimming

This week, I'm staying @ Bryant College in R.I. for New England Yearly (Quaker) Meeting 2006. I'm having quite a good time so far. It just begun!
There's many good things for me already. I finally had a Bryant College golf cart ride. I've been giving away plush toys to nice people. Also I've gotten to meet some of my old friends. The list goes on. Mmmm... I like the rain I see outside alot! :3
But anyways, I'm grumpy @ the moment, since I went to the swimming pool and learned that Pool Basketball is a violent sport... again. You see, I tend to actually want to play it, but I always forget that someone pinches me, slaps me, or bounces the ball on my head every single $#&@ time.
When the ball bounced off my head, I got extremely grumpy and stomped out of the pool. I got dressed, and then told the pool guard that some dude "hit me on the head with a ball." The pool guard explained to me that it wasn't their fault and that Pool Basketball is a very violent sport. I could do nothing but realize she was right.
I decided to watch T.V. outside the pool until I'd feel better. And when I mean "feel better," I don't mean "yey, i'm happy." What I really mean is, "awgh, who cares? This show sucks! I'm gonna go do something else!" *stomp stomp stomp. turns off TV. stomp stomp stomp.*
Well, now that I've written this blog post, I feel alot better. Yes.
I feel like posting my semi-latest cartoon, GHEG.

Well, CYA! I've gotta go to program.
-Eben "Singin' & Dancin' Frostey"

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