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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

(Hungry) Jack's

Hello again from my friend's (Jack) house,
Ah, Thanksgiving is coming. That time of year when I and my family go to Diane's (I won't tell you which Diane) house in New York and have this party where many of the children there watch an Even Stevens marathon on television all day while other people (i.e. me) do other things. Amazing how lazy the mainstream of the U.S. of A. has gotten. I mean, pre-put-together Thanksgiving diners?! How silly that is.
Anyways, I'm at Jack's house because my parents are at New York at this award ceremony, I think. I'm having a good time. Taking pictures of the house, his cats are laying arround, Sam (Jack's brother) is watching Disney's Cinderella, I finished all my homework, and I had a dinner of pizza and chicken fingers from Nick's (I actually felt like I deserved somthing else (no offence, Jack's family)). If you didn't know which Jack I am talking about, he's the one I once mentioned in my blog that had two cats (who I think were cute) that were giaganticly-tailed marcoons. I took pictures of them. Unfortunetly, I did not bring my laptop, since it was hard to bother beacause I just had to stay at Jack's for a just one night and one morning.
There were these jerks that kept calling me with prank calls such as "Hello, I'd like a date," or, "(Strong Laughter) Oh, Man! You sounded preety (Censored) up on the last call!" Luckily, they stoped calling me. I bet they trusted this text that was writen on the wall that said, For a good time, call: [whatever number] .
Anyways, I'ma go shower up!


Quote: "I'll kill myself before I have a chance to die!"-Jesse from my Geograph class
Another Quote: "Why am I telling you what to post on your blog? It's your blog!"-Jack


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