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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Hello! I'm in Sydney, Austrailia at an internet cafe' right now! Right now, it's Winter here, not Summer.:3 I like the weather is here. It's incredibly rainy over here, and like that.
The airlines I used to go to Australia was Quantas. It was quality. You didn't need to wait so long for being able to get out of your seat, every single passenger had a TV (with a remote!), there were a whole lot more restrooms, and lots more; and that was only economy class!!
I heard that there's a hirricane here, but I looked, and it was just a mild wind! Huh, if they think that's bad, wait untill they see what's possible in other places, like Kansas of USA; there's tornadoes there!
Gosh, if I rememered to bring my laptop here at this internet cafe', I'd show you some fake Adverts I made in PhotoShop 6.0; but I won't get to for now. :(
That's all I got for now. See you! ;3


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