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Monday, December 20, 2004

Oh, no; Winter!

Hello, again. Jack is here with me, playing poker. I didn't get to update last week. I was like, totally gettin' freaks. Whatever that means.
On the 9th of this December, I actually saw two post mail trucks driving in pairs.
Yeterday, my knee was shreaded while I was riding on an electric wheel chair on my way to Daniel's christmas party.
You know what? I looked in the mirror once, and I looked like Eric Idle with that hair gel I had on. Funny, Diane also looked like Eric Idle; and Matt has a smile just like his; and Jack has a hair do anmost like John Cleese's hair do! Wow, does everyone in my town look like a Monty Python member in at least one way!? Wierd.
I looked in the newspaper one day, and I found out that Bank of America has been giving back 300+ jobs that Bush has taken away. Thanks, BOA!
Alright, see you.
-Eben "Frostey"

Quotes of the time:
"People have been leaving my country; I'm overestimated!"-George W. Bush
"That's what Chirstmas is all about; fake, fake, fake!"-My Mother


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