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Saturday, November 27, 2004

I kept losing this post!!

Hello, again. This is "Frostey" at a very low-class, under-construction hotel in New York City.
Last night, after watching "Bombay Dreams" at a theater, when me and my family were walking back to the hotel when we heard this guy shout, "Don't vote for John Kerry in the next election!" In the next election? Do any of us even know that Senator John Kerry (Democrat) is going for the next presidential election? It would be nice, but that guy must've not known what he said.
Yesterday, I had this lovely breakfast of a blueberry bagel with egg and cheese (no sausage) from Lenny's Bagels(TM) and a peppermint decaf latte from Starbucks(TM). When I and my mother were walking there, I saw sign on a McDonald's(TM) that read, "McVeggie". There was this other sign that read, "Free Deliveries". I bet they really meant that they would deliver for free and then force you for a tip.
Sorry, that's all I have time for. See you.


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