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Monday, December 06, 2004

Hello again.
I found out in the newspaper that the state I live in (it's Massachusetts) is the most educated in the U.S. of A.. I am more patriotic for my state than usual. I am usually not patriotic.
On thursday(Dec 2, 2004) the cluster I was in in my school went to see a Christmas Carol play. On the way, I heard some boys talk about steroids while I read a book edited by Mike Ashley called The Mamoth Book of Comic Fantasy. I read 24 minutes of it while those boys were talking about steroids. After those 24 minutes of reading, I just enjoyed that conversation and looked what was outside. The play was about 4 hours.
Speaking of hours, there was this one time when I only got 6 hours of sleep, but once I woke up (6:28 a. of m.), I felt awake as if I found out that my father spent his money on somthing that costed as much as a house!
Just incase you didn't know, I am working on a new Flash movie! It's a political short.
Alright, Ovwa!


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